Old Centreville Garden Apartments


Peace and Quiet

Our community is safe.  A security team is on duty seven nights per week. Security cameras monitor traffic going in and out at all times, and a security guard at the front protects the property throughout the evening and controls who can enter.  Each unit is quiet.   All four walls of each apartment are brick and block, and there are solid concrete floors between every apartment. This solid masonry construction stops noise from travelling between residences.

The space you need

Each unit has a kitchen, with a fridge and electric stove.  Each unit has two bedrooms, and each bedroom has its own closet. Each unit has a living room, and a closet in the living room.  Click here to see an interactive blueprint.

A Safe and Friendly Environment

Park in Safety

Each unit is assured two parking spaces. We also have free parking available for guests.

Our security booth is always manned.

However, our security booth keeps out uninvited guests, and ensures that our lanes are safe and quiet.

Recycling Cannisters

Recycling cannisters are available at two locations on the site. These include separate cannisters for paper products, plastic products, glass products, and cans.

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